Facts about Miniature Horse Breeding

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  •  “Falabella Miniature Horses” is considered a breed in Argentina as is the Quarter horse or Clydesdale in the USA.
  • Some of the earliest photos of miniature horses in the world are the Est. Falabella dating back to 1905.
  • Outside breeds are no longer used.
  • Maria Louisa de Falabella owns and operates Est. Falabella in Argentina and Maria Angelica Falabella owns a farm in both Argentina and the USA.  Falabellas are being produced from these sources today as well as worldwide by breeders interested in preserving this unique and rare breed.
  • Horses in Argentina are subject to “inspections” for type as many of the warmblood horses of today.
  • The main registries for Falabella are the ACCF and FMHA which must provide proven pure lines to be registered and documented as pure Falabella.
  • Falabellas range from average 28.5 in Argentina to the larger “B” (38”) sizes here in the USA.
  • All colours available with particular popularity of appaloosa and pintos.
  • The name “Falabella Mini Horse” was selected due to the origin of the family who researched and developed the breed almost 150 years ago.
  • Regina Winery in CA, imported Falabellas in the 1960’s; 8 - 10 of these horses were used to pull a miniature stage coach to promote their Winery.  The known horses used in the Winery hitch were, Senor, Grenache, Chianti, Regina, Sherry, Champagne, Barberra, Seniorita and Burgendy.
  • Falabellas were the first mini horses used by the Kilverstone Stud in England for their Zoo exhibit. The most famous being a loud leopard appaloosa stallion named Menelek.
  • The famous Regina Winery import, Chianti owned by Dixie Blasingame, was a multi halter and performance champion and was featured on the cover of the AMHR Journal.  (Nov 1978)
  • Little Man was once an attraction at the Oklahoma Zoo.
  • Flaby’s El Tigre and Grosshill’s El Rey were both AMHA National Top Ten Senior Stallions.
  • Kristina, a Falabella mare from the Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, PA, had a talent for counting.  She traveled to Hollywood to appear on the popular TV show “Those Amazing Animals”.  Kristina was promoted as “the horse with the human brain”.
  • Toyland Domino was filmed (1998) demonstrating his jumping and driving skills at Strongs Miniature Horses in ON. Canada, by Pet Project, a LIFE TV network and the segment was broadcast several times.
  • Famous people that have owned Falabellas include; Frank Sinatra, the Kennedy Family 1963) Wayne Newton, Lord and Lady Fisher, Nelson Rockafer and Aga Khan.